The Crenshaw War (part 2)

The second phase of The Crenshaw War was the development of the concep and the build of an installation. I wanted to produce a collection of armoured under garments; corset, girdle, head gear, shoulder and leg protectors. In addition I also wanted to include the more successful kitchen utensil weaponry from part 1 in the installation. Aside from the items I created I also wanted to collect objects that would be relevant to a feminist war that would be catalogued and housed in an apothecary cabinet, each drawer labelled and containing different items. I collated; various dried foods, make up, feminine hygiene products and jewellery to name a few. All of the objects being included in the installation were then aged by pattination, sanding, cutting, wripping, paint effects and dipping in mud to attain the required authenticity of an object excavated from an archaeological dig site. The excavation site was lit with LED strips under the floor. Numbered references and descriptions of each item were listed on a printed sign at the back of the installation.

Aged red armoured corset
Embroidered shoulder armour
Armoured helmet with hair extension
Aged mezzaluna weapon
Catalogued weapons in cabinet drawers
The Crenshaw War installation
Excavation site detail 1
Apothecary cabinet with armoured garment