The Crenshaw War (part 1)

My current practice is specifically a discourse on intersectional feminism and the necessity for women of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds to unite in the fight against male oppression. The Crenshaw War is a reference to Kimberle Crenshaw who coined the term Intersectional Feminism as a way of defining current feminist theory. In this project I have developed techniques of designing and constructing female specific garments that are protected with sheet metal inserts. These armoured garments are displayed within an historic framework to imply a past event. During my research I became interested in archiving within art practice as demonstrated by artists like Mark Dion and Adrian Villar Rojas. Feminist artists like Mona Hatoum  (specifically her ‘Homebound’ installation and adapted kitchen utensils) and Wangechi Mutu also continue to be an influence.