Artist Statement

I developed an interest in Feminist art from the art history seminars I attended at university, the subject matter largely being driven by the female tutors running the course. My art practice evolved, instinctively, from working on the female form. I dovetailed the skills and interest I had previously developed in dressmaking, fashion design and upholstery with painting and the subject of Feminism in art.

My work has also been influenced by women artists like; Cathy de Monchaux, Mona Hatoum and Cornelia Parker, as well as the large scale artworks and installations of Ai Wei Wei and Anselm Keifer that inspired me at recent exhibitions.

Although I consider my art work to be Feminist and to derive from personal experience, the process of making is of equal importance to me as the premise. I find that the outcome is more successful if the thought process is secondary and the work is intuitive. 

Conceptually my projects have covered; the deconstruction of decorative objects to alter their aesthetics, exploring the lengths women will go to preserve youth and beauty and a commentary on the continued feminist war against patriarchal rule.

Embroidered cream armoured girdle